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Black Belt Club

What is Black Belt Club?

Black Belt club is all about taking your training to the next level!

It will allow exclusive access to advanced curriculum not taught in mainstream classes ... and begin to challenge students in their personal development! Each BBC member is an inspiring role model to others, demonstrating advanced skills and exceptional dedication, while exhibiting the focus, drive and commitment to becoming a Black Belt!


The Black Belt Club is an association of active Black Belts and those who have set a goal of getting their Black Belt. Overall, the objective of the Black Belt Club is to help its members attain their personal best. As Martial Artists, emphasis will be placed on skill and technique, but we should also strive to develop our personal skills in order to grow in a well-rounded fashion.

Why Join the Black Belt Club? 

Members will receive many benefits and privileges by being a part of BBC, here are just a few reasons:

· You will have exclusive access to the BBC weekly Weaponry class and/or Sparring.

· You will be eligible to join the leadership program (selected students only).

· You will see an Increased level of ability and confidence.

· You will be surrounded with other students aiming for the same goal/direction.

· You will have a greater chance of success towards the goal of Black Belt.

· You will be a part of a team of champions.

· You will wear the exclusive BBC T-SHIRT.